Implementasi Metode Diskusi Teman Sejawat untuk Meningkatkan Keaktifan Belajar Siswa


  • Rosadi Rosadi MTs An-Nahdliyah Cirebon


Discussion Methods, Peers, Student Learning Activeness


Based on the researcher's experience, the old patterns that the researchers applied with the lecture method had an impact on several things, including; , (1) when learning takes place students tend to be passive, students do not want to ask questions if there is something they cannot and understand in the lesson, students also do not want to note things that are important in the lessons delivered by the teacher, students tend to only remember them, (2) When the teacher gives a question to students, there are very few students who are enthusiastic about answering the question, (3) and when the teacher explains the material, many students chat on their own outside the learning topic, causing noise and learning in the classroom is not conducive. For these various problems the researcher tried to conduct experiments designed in action research, namely by implementing the peer discussion method. This research is an action research class. In this study, researchers used an action design developed by Kemmis and Mc Taggart. In classroom action research, there are steps that must be done which are called cycles. In the first cycle, it was found that the average teacher performance was quite moderate at the  cycle II that had increased to be good. There is an increase in student learning activeness. In the first cycle, 3% of student learning activeness is good, 75% is sufficient, and 22% is less. In cycle II, there was a significant increase, namely 6% moderate, and 94% good / high.


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