Efforts to Improve Science Learning Outcomes in Human Reproductive System Materials Through Scientific Learning


  • Rr. Dyah Ana Riptakasari MTsN 12 Indramayu


Learning Outcomes, Science, Reproductive System Material, in Humans, Scientific Learning


Based on the results of the supervision of class visits, it was found that the teacher's ability to implement the index card match type active learning model needs to be improved. There are several aspects that have not been explored, including learning syntax that has not been coherent and the intensity of application is very rare because it is patterned with conventional patterns. Based on the above facts, this action research seeks to find solutions to improve teacher skills in implementing the index card match type active learning model through e-learning activities. This type of research is a supervisory action research. The model used in this study is the research model expressed by Kemmis and Taggart which is the development of Kurt Lewin's model. The results showed that in the first cycle the mean was 14.42, the median was 13.5, the standard deviation was 2.96, with a minimum value of 10 and a maximum of 21. In the second cycle the average was 19, the median 19 standard deviation was 1.79 with a minimum value of 16 and a maximum of 22. From the calculation, it is known that sig (2-tailed) is 0.00 <0.05, thus the hypothesis of supervisory action is accepted, which means that e-learning can improve the ability of teachers in implementing the index card match learning method.


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