Improving Arabic Speaking Ability Through the Tariqah Mubasyarah Method


  • Khusnul Khotimah MTsN 12 Indramayu


Speaking ability, Arabic, The Tariqah Mubasyarah Method


This study aims to determine the ability of students to speak Arabic using Tariqah Mubasyarah and whether there is an increase in students' speaking ability. This research is a Classroom Action Research (CAR) or also called "classroom action research". This action research is a participatory and collaborative microscientific research. It is participatory because this research was carried out by the researcher himself from determining the topic, problem formulation, planning, implementation, analysis, and reporting. The results showed that the average score achieved by students was 63. Students who had achieved complete learning were 8 students or 32% of the total. Thus, the Maharotul Kalam material for Fi Maktabati Tijariyyah, there are still low students. The implementation of maharotul kalam learning for the Fi Maktabati Tijariyyah material consists of three cycles in which each cycle has an improvement in each indicator of student learning activity, the quality of teacher learning, and the final results of the post test. The Tariqah Mubasyarah method succeeded in improving students' ability to speak Arabic. Based on the test obtained an increase in the average class. Cycle I = 63, Cycle II = 65.08, and Cycle III = 69.84.


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